Farm History

The epi-center and heart of Cold Water Creek Land and Cattle was settled in 1905 by Cain and Susan Anderson; known originally as Anderson Dairy. The family owned and operated a fully functioning dairy into the 1970s. At that time, Beaulah Anderson Parker, Cain and Susan’s youngest daughter, inherited the ranch. With the help of her husband, Byron Parker and their two sons, they weathered the changes of the dairy industry and eventually, the ranch was transitioned into a beef producing operation.

For years, Beaulah and her sons, Byron “Andy” Parker and Philip Charles Parker, grew a heard of Hereford beef cattle. Later in the 1980s and 1990s, Phil took over operations of the ranch, raising his children, Amanda and Patrick. He instilled a deep love of the land, family, and the importance of legacy in them through the work and life lessons learned on the ranch.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the ranch became almost dormant. The cattle operations transitioned into more of a hobby, providing joy the family could share. During these years, Phil built a successful international business in the oil and gas industry. Amanda attended Texas A&M and later UT Southwestern Medical School and a UT Houston Emergency Medicine residency, becoming a board certified ER doctor. Patrick found a love of working in the pipline industry. He spent these years traveling the United States and becoming a skilled and highly sought-after large machinery operator and pipeliner.

In 2012, Phil had achieved a level of success that enabled him to start building the ranch of his dreams. He spent the next 7 years bringing over 16 different breeds of cattle to the ranch, touring Europe to discover exotic breeds, building infrastructure on the properties, purchasing more land, developing pastures, and advancing the herd by introducing top genetics.

His dream advanced when Patrick became the full-time operating manager of the ranch in 2015. This enabled Phil to continue to grow his international business while Patrick worked tirelessly to advance Phil’s vision. He would frequently say to Amanda, “We have to figure out a way to get you back home.”

Through tragedy, Amanda did return home in December of 2019. Philip Charles Parker bravely left this world on January 27, 2020. Upon his death, Amanda and Patrick, through love of their father, love of the land, and love of the legacy, agreed immediately that together they would continue Cold Water Creek Land and Cattle.

Now, with a new vision, the siblings are moving the ranch into the future. With concentration on retail beef sales, growing Wagyu production, producing top quality F1 heifers, and continual land development the future of Cold Water Creek Land and Cattle is dynamic and bright.

Cold Water Creek



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1210 FM 968 W | MARSHALL, TX 75670  
Patrick Parker | Co- owner and managing director | 903-926-4555
Amanda Parker Nyund | Co-owner and director of beef sales | 713-890-2355
DJ Mathis | Herd manager and director of breeding/ genetics | 903-930-6722